Affirmations are an amazing way to start believing in yourself and what is possible, what you tell yourself on a daily basis is key. Your affirmations can be as short as one word to a full statement about how you want to feel or what you would like to achieve.

It’s important when setting your affirmations that you anchor into the belief that you already have it here and now.

Affirmations can help you transform your life, used on a regular basis they allow you to start embracing self-acceptance and learning to love yourself, they help you anchor into achieving a life of your dreams and desires and are key to manifesting a life you love.

You can use affirmation cards or you can write your own intentional affirmations.

Here are some ideas for you:


• I attract my perfect partner
• I deserve a loving partner
• I am in a loving relationship
• My relationships are harmonious and balanced


• I live a life that I love
• I am happy in my life
• My life if filled with joy and happiness
• I am living my best life and make the most of everyday


• I am healthy
• I feel good in my body
• I am beautiful
• I feel good about myself today


• I have more than enough money
• Money comes to me easily
• I have everything I need
• I am wealthy
• I manifest money with ease and grace


• My business is hugely successful
• I have balance in my business that allows me to enjoy all
aspects of my life
• I attract new clients easily
• My business is blooming


• I feel happy and free
• My life feels full of joy
• All I need is within me right now
• I can achieve anything I want to


• I am enough
• I believe in me
• I am worthy
• I am strong

Ways to anchor in your affirmations

• Write them on your hand
• Write them on post it notes
• Put notes in a jar and draw one out each day
• Write them on cards
• Wear affirmation jewellery
• Wear it on your clothing (I have designed some here)
• Record it on your phone
• Have it as a screen savers
• Hang a picture of it around your home
• Journal it
• Sing it out loud
• Add it to you vision board
• If it’s one you want to keep permanently you can even wear it
as a tattoo

Light it up!

One way which I love to activate intention is by literally lighting it up. So repeating the affirmation or intention, striking a match and lighting a candle.

When you do this, you can focus on the flame, visualise your future self, think about where you are now and anchor in the possibility of you achieving your desires. See the light as your hope and possibility for your future. Leave it burning as long as you wish and when you blow it out close your eyes and imagine it is already within you.

Then allow a sense of gratitude to flow through you.


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