Do you ever feel there could be more to life?

My own journey has been far from plain sailing and in this book I share my life lessons and toolkit to show you how to navigate lifes curveballs and believe in hope and possibility so you can discover your own inner happy.


It’s time to light up your life.

Naomi Victoria…

I am a motivational speaker, mental health awareness and suicide prevention advocate and the founder of Personally Positive. I love to  inspire others to understand that no matter what happens in life you can create your inner happy.

As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, I believe in loving yourself and loving life and I share this through my lessons of hope and possibility.

I help others believe in themselves and become who they were born to be.

“Naomi it was amazing to meet you,  I was really struck by your amazing attitude to life and fantastic outlook”


“WOW! Naomi is incredible.  Her story is truly inspirational and the way she shares her experience will hopefully make the much needed change we need in the world.”


Personally Positive®

Personally Positive™ is a life affirming,  uplifting and inspiring range of products for people everywhere in everyday life.

From powerful messages on hoodies that with give you a hug,  to candles to help you take  a moment for yourself to focus on the light, these products are to help inspire you to love you and love your life.

In 2016 I lost my brother to suicide.  I vowed that day that if I could save just one persons life, then that is what I am here to do!   Each item sold will pay it forward to support Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Charities.