Over the last few years I have used the power of crystals to transform my own life.

I am delighted to share with you my new collection of hand selected beautiful healing and hopeful crystal hearts for your hand and home.

I’ve been on a journey of exploration over the years and found peace and tranquility in the beautiful crystals I have felt drawn to and carried with me along the way,  often inside my pocket or tucked inside my bra; healing crystal hearts next to my beating heart.

In times of doubt I have used Rose Quartz to support my strength and enabled me to find “hope in my heart”. I have found deep gratitude in the smallest of things and the energy of the crystals felt like like having healing magic in the palm of my hands. Magical things began to happen and I manifested my own now incredibly aligned, abundant and happy life.

I was able to stand in my own power and became who I was meant to be. All along it was already inside me,  but when I held these healing heart crystals close to my heart they bolstered my belief.

What felt impossible, became possible. I trusted the transformation, I held the hearts in my hand and I prayed for positivity.

Then one day I looked up and loved the person I had become; a fierce goddess with a hopeful heart, a strong mind, a lover of life. Limitless.

I want to help and support you to do the same.

To become.

To love deep.

To love yourself.

Together, we are stronger and shine brighter.