Imagine a life you truly love, one where you feel a sense of inner peace, calm and tranquility,  sowing your seeds of success , living life on your terms and believing in the power of your dreams.

Do you feel unsure of what you want and where to start?

Do you wish you had plan so you could start to bring you dreams to life?

Would you love to work through your journey of possibility to create your world your way with support and guidance along the way?

Yes?… You are in the right place…

Your potential and possibilities are endless, I want to help you to get focused, to plant your seeds of possibility and to support you to nurture them, to create the foundations and plans to enable your dreams to bloom into life. 

Why work with me?

Roll back 12 years.. I was sad and lonely inside, I was always seeking external validation and making others responsible for my happiness. I was forever worrying about others opinions and judgement and I was my own worst critic. I was a people pleaser often at the detriment of my own happiness and I was a shadow of the person I have become today.

Over the last 12 years I have travelled through my own world of self discovery.
I have overcome many hurdles and survived. I have grown in ways I never imagined, I have experienced many storms and at times I have fallen, but I have picked myself up again, I trusted in myself and I have believed in hope and the magic of the new dawn. I have identified my own desires and brought my dreams to life.  I believe in the power of possibility and I believe in YOU!

I love the person I have become today.

I have ditched the drama, I have connected with myself and I have found my own inner strength and happiness. I have discovered an inner peace and I believe in myself. I know that anything is possible and with belief, vision and intention I can bring my dreams into reality. I want to support you to do the same.

I want to help you to change your own life and to believe in you and what is possible. To support you to connect with yourself and your potential and to support you to start your own journey of self realisation, to plan and plant the seeds of your future, to nurture them and watch them grow.

What is Your World Your Way?

It is a learn at your own pace course delivered over 7 weekly modules.

What’s Included

Step by step resources to support you on your journey

All the resources will be available on replay and you will get a work book for each live session, there are a few surprises along the way too.

Your own self development toolkit for life

Powerful life tools that are easy to work with in your every day.  

7 weekly support sessions with me

Creative and fun live sessions, including intuitive guidance, card readings and practical support.

Modules and Resources…

Your World

If anything is possible, what would life look like?

Your garden of possibility

Planning out the life you love


Creating your future foundations

Sowing Your seeds

Your personal tool kit to step into your own flow of life


What is personally possible, your happiness habits


Inner inspiration and creativity, turning on your spotlight of possibility

Seasons of Change

Navigating external influences setting intention and discovering your own wheel of fortune


Expanding your life

Your Way...

The tools and freedom to bring your dreams to life

“A tool kit to help you live your best life. “

Naomi is strong, brave, and positive and there is so much to learn from her story and life tools.

Imagine a life where you choose your own free will, now and through your lifetime.

A life of being yourself.. individual, being you, being different, expressing who you truly are.

Fully embracing your own creativity and light.

Filling your life with things that light you up and fill you with joy.

Stepping into the limelight of your own possibility and potential, allowing yourself to grow and expand


Your seed of life is bursting open to show you the way.


It’s time to live a life on your terms.

A life filled with freedom, hope, peace, love, courage and possibility.

The doors are currently closed and will reopen again soon.. I would love you to join the waitlist and I will keep you updated..


Life Changing”

Naomi is asking you to question yourself. This is key to finding out who you truly are and to finding your own happiness. I love the honesty and vulnerability that is shown.  Thank you Naomi for showing the world that there is no such thing as failure, only another lesson to be learnt on your way to finding your true happiness”